Craig’s World - Skeena River 2014

Skeena River near Terrace, British Columbia


Fly fishing has been my passion since moving to Idaho in 1972.

My uncles fly fished the Madison River in Montana where Quake Lake now resides. I was just a kid but I remember the deep dark green canyon with it’s large trees and the smell of the moist soil, trees and river.

The Madison River, roots of my fly fishing addiction will never be

forgotten. God rest those souls whose lives were cut short from the

earthquake that covered that wonderful canyon.

In August 1959, I became ill, catching bronchial pneumonia and almost died. Uncle Ed, for some reason, couldn’t make the trip either. One uncle after another begged out. No one from our family traveled to southwestern Montana that year. The entire family could have been there, August 17, 1959, but fate had it we were not and at 11:37 PM an earthquake hit measuring 7.5 magnitude on the Richter scale. It was felt as far away as British Columbia and into North Dakota and Utah. It created a landslide that blocked the Madison River resulting in the death of many campers. When the dust settled, 26 people camped 10 miles northwest of West Yellowstone were buried alive. This was the largest earthquake and mountainside ever recorded in Montana. It was caused by the movement of the Hebgen and Red Canyon Faults.  Only seven bodies where found and two more people died later from quake-related injuries. This deadly earthquake created Quake Lake on the Madison River. Many of the geysers and hot springs in Yellowstone were effected and some new ones were created by the quake. My sister and I reflect upon the fact that our entire family could have been lost there, and buried, and instead had fruitful fulfilling lives! “Tobacco Bill – Ramsey.”


Welcome to Craig’s World of fly fishing

Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead are at the top of my list!

D. Craig Lannigan

Top - Uncles Kurt, Carl, and their friend, 1950s.

Right- My dad Darrell L. Lannigan (1921-2010) with his custom self-made boat Plummer, Idaho 1940s.

Bottom - Uncle Carl Kerpa (1924-2010) Madison River 1958.

Right - Uncles Bob Garrod, Kurt Kerpa (1915-1988), Ed Kerpa (1916-2005) and Carl Kerpa